The Cremo Cheese boutique

The Cremo cheese boutique offers all the Fribourg and Gruyère specialities.

We propose a vast assortment:

  • Gruyère, Fribourg vacherin and other cheeses from
    the Fribourg region
  • A first-class moitié-moitié (half-and-half) fondue mixture
  • Cream from the Fribourg region, and above all Gruyère double cream, which goes so well with the famous Gruyère meringues, cooked over a wood fire, or with small seasonal berries.
  • Biscuits and cookies, regional specialities including pains d'anis (aniseed biscuits), croquets (crunchy, sugary biscuits), bricelets (wafers), gâteau bullois (caramel and walnut cake from Bulle)
  • Various kinds of bread (some baked on the spot)
  • Sausages, dried sausage and cold meats.

La Boutique du Fromage 
Cremo SA 

Restoroute de la Gruyère 
CH-1644 Avry-devant-Pont

Tél. +41 26 915 15 25